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the pink dress
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Floral purse

by miss Ocean Kiana

Ocean Kiana, a Nishinaabe designer and artist from North Western Ontario. Her Nishinaabe name, Waabshki Memegwans, translates to White Butterfly. She is from Biigtigong Nishnaabeg and Netmizaagamig Nishnaabeg.

Collar pins

Anishinaabe collar pins add some details of florals to your wardrobe, dress them up or dress them down.


The Pink Dress

The pink dress is our Chanel inspired dress that captures the essence of Anishinaabe feminity. She has small details of Anishinaabe florals and button details on the pocket.


The cape

The black cape is a small accessory you can add to your wardrobe to add small anishinaabe details for powwow or special events.


The RED midnight

The RED midnight dress, worn by the beautiful Natasha Fisher. The remix of the original Midnight Dress

Anangokaa in the 6ix

A piece that represented my people, specifically the Ojibway, Nishinaabe. Our tribes and cultures are so distinct and unique between each nations. Nishinaabe tell our stories from the sky.

Raptors x Ocean Kiana

Trillium Midnight Medicine bag

This Trillium Midnight medicine bag was inspired by the long winter nights and the crisp white snow that covers Mother Earth. Anishinaabeg make bags out of wool and leather, with florals designs to hold their sacred items and medicines.



These three skirts inspired by the relationships I have with my ancestors and the matriarchs who have come before me. Pieces named from left to right, Nokomis Camp skirt, Ancestor skirt, and the Winter Applique skirt.

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Nishinaabe Kwe

Using language to represent our women on this traditional ribbon skirt, with the use of red to represent the MMIW.


I was processing a lot of what I have been through in this lifetime, all the pain, all the beauty, and the thorns we experience in this lifetime. How much we’ve grown and how we shape into beautiful beings and spirits.

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