Native Beauty

Leather Purses


This piece was designed in an old school, Anishinaabe woodland style. Featuring a women's jingle dress and men's woodland style regalia outifts.


Talking with my nokomis

Did you know I talk to my Nokomis about? This piece was created to present the relationship between me as Anishinaabe Kwe and my relationship with my late Gokum.


Old style

As Anishinaabe we have generations of different style of art. As I was creating, I was thinking a lot about the different types of flowers there are in my home territory and I wanted it to showcase a strong Ojibway identity in the piece.


Anishinaabe kwe

When we transition into different phases of our lives, it's important to honour ourselves. I created this set to honour and gift myself for obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Anishinaabe studies at Algoma University.

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Warm tones

This was a valentines day inspire powwow set. I was inspired by pinks and reds and oranges, warm tones are my favourite range of colours and reminds me to embrace my femininity.

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