Valentine's Day Collection

The Story

Aaniin, this collection is inspired by the heart petals that I always use in my artwork. I love working with reds, pinks, and  purples and I thought it would be a very fitting time to focus on the beauty of these colours with just right around the corner Valentine's Day. This is my first collection launch and I have spent the past month organizing and planning. I have included beaded earrings, prints, t-shirts, and my first Valentine's Day cards inclusive for all sexualities. 

model: Hunter Raelynn

I first started this collection with designing the t-shirt. I wanted to use simplicity with this t-shirt design because it represented the aesthetic of the entire collection. The style is the backbone of the whole collection is the silhouette background I use in each post to brand the collection. This t-shirt design alone inspired me to design the other parts to the collection. 

After I designed the t-shirt, I knew I wanted to do more than just t-shirts. For months people have been asking me for prints of my floral designs. I then created the Zaagi' Waabigwan print. I knew the shirt alone needed to be paired with a beautiful print. 

I am always using roses in my artwork and I wanted to emphasize the beauty of the four petal rose. As an Anishinaabe we incorporate big flowers and leaves, that you will see very often in the woodland style of art. This drawing then inspired my design of floral earrings that are included in this collection. I called this piece Zaagi'Waabigwan, which means love flower. Roses represent love to me in my artwork, it's my symbol of love and they are also my favourite flower. I love beauty of a rose. 

Beading is something that I only enjoy to do in certain times of the year, usually in the mid-winter I always get the sudden urge to sit and bead for hours on end. On this collection alone, I spent about 30-40 hours total sitting and beading while also attending classes online. It was nice to be able to bead and do work at the same time. Each pair of earrings was inspired from the Zaagi' Waabigwan print. I named each earring in the language(the top left pair is named: Waabigwan(flower), the bottom pair is named: Oginiiwaande Waabigwan(Rose pink coloured Flower) and the right top pair is named: Oginiiwaande Zaagibagaa(Rose pink coloured bud). 

I wanted this collected to represent Anishinaabe style in a contemporary way, and I feel as though I achieved that. I really loved creating this collection for all of you and I hope you all love it as much as I do. Miigwetch to everyone who has supported me this far.


Much love, Ocean Kiana xoxo