Stacked Valentines Skirt

Stacked Valentines Skirt

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MAX waist 50” 

Model is a size Medium. 

FITS sizes Medium - 2XL(Pls see max Waist) 

Can be made to fit smaller.

Has Pockets. 

Winter Solstice Collection

This time of year is so important to our people, the Anishinaabes. It’s time that we take to feast and honour our ancestors who have passed on into the spirit world. I made this collection thinking about my gokum-baa, shomis-baa and all my relatives who made their journey into the spirit world. Every piece represents the colours of black and white that we use in ceremony during this time of year. The Winter Solstice Collection, talks about so much. It talks about rest, it talks about our animals who now taking on different coats, it talks about the stories being shared and the ancestors who walk with us everyday.

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